Understand the risks

Backchannel Intelligence supplies customers with a range of collections, analysis, and operations services. Our global collections platform allows us to deliver broad coverage with a light footprint, and provide customers with granular insights to empower business risk decisions.

Pricing and plans


External Intelligence

As a private intelligence service, we apply all the assets in our portfolio to further your security intelligence requirements.

Finished Intelligence

Backchannel Intelligences produces finished intelligence products (FINTEL) for a variety of customers in security, sales, marketing, and management.

Competetive Analysis

With our access and auditing tools, we create broad risk assessments across entire industries or marketplaces.

Attribution Operations

We work well in low-data environments to correlate against our own internal and external sources and help make investigation breakthroughs.



Backchannel’s Parity® service continuously detects relevant intel from millions of events.


Backchannel produces a range of intelligence products to fit customer needs.


We retain a unique set of assets to engage, disrupt, and deter threat actors.

Unique Tech

Backchannel's tools and technology set us apart. Analyst time is reduced with automation and machine learning. Customers receive speedier, more detailed insights.

Telex, a Swiss army knife for attribution

Backchannel Intelligence deploys Telex®, a data collection platform designed to aid online investigations. Telex® produces technical evidence on a target that can be correlated and enriched with other data sources, bringing security operators one step closer to attribution on the target.

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Parity, Backchannel's data extraction and detection platform

Parity® is a flexible streaming data solution for real time detection and response. Backchannel Intelligence uses it as the backend platform for all of our services. Parity® ingests millions of events daily sourced from 400+ global cybercriminal forums, 10k+ e-crime chatrooms, and more. You may also integrate detection capability via native integration or API.


We employ a credits-based pricing model to provide customers with the ultimate flexibility when it comes to fulfilling their intelligence requirements. Credits can be purchased in bulk, with an additional discount.
Continuous Monitoring
3 credits/month
  • Notifications of a security threat intended to provide customers with immediate insights
  • Requirements-based intelligence collection
  • Collection from open and closed sources
  • Incident-based alerting
Threat Analysis
3-20 credits, on demand
  • Description of threat actor activity
  • Malware / software dissection
  • Development of persistent detection methods
  • Competitive / Marketplace Landscape analysis
Active Defense Operations
20 credits, on demand
  • Customized engagements to deny, disrupt, and deceive threat actors exploiting users and platforms.
  • Attribution services
  • Red team operations
  • Attribution services